Employment and independent contractor agreements

Agreements with both employees and independent contractors pose unique challenges. Agreements with independent contractors can be used for any number of services, including accounting, architecture, landscaping, security and many others. Your business will frequently need these types of various services at an increasing rate as your business grows. Soroka & Associates can draft agreements with independent contractors, tailoring each one to fit the needs of your company.

Employment agreements not only provide a business with a clear structure and vision as to how employees must conduct themselves, but they also set forth the technical terms of the agreement between employer and employee. Having concise, understandable employment agreements help both the employer and employee know their responsibilities and rights. Soroka & Associates can draft employment agreements for any field of business.

Each and every business owner needs experienced counsel to help ensure that their profits are maximized and their best interests are protected. Soroka & Associates has years of experience in representing companies of various sizes and fields. Mr. Roger Soroka comes from a business background and can assist you with any of the various challenges that come with owning and operating your own business. No business owner wants their progress to be impeded by legal problems, but when they arise, having the right attorney is crucial.