Mergers and acquisitions

A merger occurs when two businesses consolidate, often choosing to operate under a new name. The companies involved are usually of like size and stature. In an acquisition, also referred to as a takeover, one business purchases another (usually smaller) business. Both mergers and acquisitions allow for exponential business growth. With this sudden growth comes an entirely new set of complexities for your business to navigate. Soroka & Associates can advise you through the process, using a personalized approach to make sure your wants and needs are satisfied.

Each and every business owner needs experienced counsel to help ensure that their profits are maximized and their best interests are protected. Soroka & Associates has years of experience in representing companies of various sizes and fields. Mr. Roger Soroka comes from a business background and can assist you with any of the various challenges that come with owning and operating your own business. No business owner wants their progress to be impeded by legal problems, but when they arise, having the right attorney is crucial.