A Divorce, while the most commonly thought of term for the termination of a marriage, is often the most confusing and time consuming of the options. In a Divorce, the parties don't agree on at least one of the issues in their separation, and ask the Court to determine a resolution. Divorce is an adversarial proceeding, meaning you and your spouse will be able to make discovery requests to determine both party's assets and expenses, find any potential hidden assets, and help the court determine what is in the best interest of the children.

During the Divorce proceeding, the Court will divide all the marital assets between the parties, along with valuing all marital and non-marital assets and liabilities. Further, the Court will rule on any issues involving the minor children of the parties, such as who the children will reside with, which school they will attend, how involved each parent can be in decision making on medical, educational, or religious issues, which parent should pay child support and how much that support should be, and which parent should provide the medical insurance for the children. Last, the Court can rule on issues involving spousal support, commonly known as alimony.

Even though the prospect of a potentially drawn out legal battle may seem daunting, you are almost always better off defending your rights than simply agreeing to a plan which isn't in your best interest, just to avoid the fight. Once an agreement is reached, or the Court has made a final decision, it becomes far more difficult for either party to alter their agreement. If either party fails to follow the terms of the Court Order, a contempt proceeding can be held, where the Court can force to parties to comply, or face other legal consequences.

There are a multitude of issues which can, and often do, arise during the course of a Divorce proceeding, so it is critical that you have skilled and experienced legal counsel to help you through the process.

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