Legal Separation

A Legal Separation is a proceeding very similar to a Divorce or a Dissolution, however; it does not result in the termination of the marriage. In a Legal Separation, the parties will allocate their assets, determine child custody and parenting time, and decide on appropriate Child Support and Spousal Support payments, just like in a Divorce. The key difference is that at the end of proceedings, the parties will live separately, but remain legally married. This means that the parties cannot remarry, and may face issues such as what to do with property if either party dies, and how taxes should be properly filed.

Normally, after the Legal Separation is ordered by the Court, the parties will live separately, and any property acquired after the Order will be owned entirely by whichever party acquired it. Legal Separation is a relatively uncommon method for married couples to separate, but may be the most appropriate option in certain circumstances, such as if the parties religious beliefs do not allow for a Divorce or other legal termination of marriage, but the parties are unable to continue to live together as a married couple.

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