Advice You Can Use From Attorneys You Can Count On

Advice You Can Use From Attorneys You Can Count On

Attorneys For Your Business Law Needs

Each and every business owner needs experienced counsel to help ensure that their profits are maximized and their best interests are protected.

Soroka & Associates, LLC, has experience in handling all the complexities and intricacies of entity formation and business representation.

Business Formation, Organization and Planning

Starting your own business is the culmination of a lifetime of hard work and dedication, but it is only the beginning of a difficult process. We provide court-tested insight into such concerns as:

  • Buy-sell agreements: A buy-sell agreement is a binding contract between two or more parties that divides a partner’s interest if he or she deceases, becomes disabled, or otherwise leaves the business. This allows for partners to secure the future of their stake in the business long-term in case of unexpected changes. Don’t wait until the unexpected occurs to secure your future.
  • Joint venture agreements: Joint venture agreements help two companies combine forces, typically for a set period of time. Each company agrees to share their aspects with one another such as resources, capital, and other assets.
  • Mergers and acquisitions: A merger occurs when two businesses consolidate, often choosing to operate under a new name. The companies involved are usually of like size and stature. In an acquisition, also referred to as a takeover, one business purchases another (usually smaller) business. Both mergers and acquisitions allow for exponential business growth.

Any new business or change in structure comes with an entirely new set of complexities for you to navigate.

Employment And Independent Contractor Agreements

Agreements with both employees and independent contractors pose unique challenges. Agreements with independent contractors can be used for any number of services, including accounting, architecture, landscaping, security and many others. Your business will frequently need these types of various services at an increasing rate as your business grows.

Employment agreements not only provide a business with a clear structure and vision as to how employees must conduct themselves, but they also set forth the technical terms of the agreement between employer and employee. Having concise, understandable employment agreements help both the employer and employee know their responsibilities and rights.

Intellectual Property Concerns

What your company produces is more than just a material good. You produce processes, recipes, technology and trade secrets that allow your company to keep an edge. We have experience navigating clients through:

  • Licensing agreements: A licensing agreement is a written agreement allowing one party to utilize the intellectual property of another. The property utilized could be trademarks, likenesses, patents, copyrights, or other forms.
  • Noncompete, Nonsolicitation and nondisclosure agreements: Non-compete, non-solicitation, and nondisclosure agreements help protect your business, allowing you to hire the best of the best while protecting yourself from competition in the long run.

Our Columbus attorneys have represented small, medium and large businesses at all stages of business development.

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