COVID – 19 Message from Soroka & Associates

COVID – 19 Message from SOroka & Associates   As you already know, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is creating challenges for all of us. We hope that you all are staying safe and healthy and taking all the necessary precautions during this challenging time. At Soroka & Associates, LLC, we are committed to our employees, associates, clients, and perspective clients. We always strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment to everyone at our office.

Our office has remained open during our regular business hours Monday through Friday and by appointment during the weekends. We have taken additional measures to assure the safety everyone that enters our office. Our staff and cleaning personnel have increased the frequency and scope of cleanings and disinfecting at our office in accordance with the CDC recommendations to assure the safety of anyone that enters our office.

As an extra step to our commitment to safety, we have also adapted to the changing environment, and now offer virtual consultations via Zoom, Facetime, and Skype during our business hours. As always, phone consultations are available by appointment, at all hours, any day of the week.

Advice You Can Use From Attorneys You Can Count On

Advice You Can Use From Attorneys You Can Count On

Are you a victim of Fraud or Negligent Misrepresentation?

Fraud is an intentional material misrepresentation of another person or entity. This misrepresentation must induce the subject of the fraud to act or refrain from acting to his or her detriment. Negligent misrepresentation involves a person or entity supplying false information to another in the midst of a transaction. If the recipient acts in reliance on the false information, the other party may be liable to appropriately redress him or her.

Both fraud and negligent misrepresentation put a person’s livelihood at stake. If you have been victimized by either claim, Soroka & Associates can help you secure the compensation you deserve so that you may get your life back on track.

Civil litigation can feel overwhelming to a person who is simply trying to assert his or her rights. While litigation may be daunting, you don’t have to approach it alone. Client satisfaction is a top priority at Soroka & Associates. Our attorneys take a personal approach to each client, addressing each of their concerns in a timely fashion. Soroka & Associates is led by seasoned litigators who are not afraid to fight for the rights of their clients in the courtroom.