Drug Trafficking: Get the Facts and Get Representation

Right here in middle America, illegal drug use is a major issue. As this is the case, those thought to be bringing drugs into Ohio may face serious criminal consequences if authorities ultimately charge and convict them. Drug trafficking is not just a state offense; it is a federal offense, so the potential penalties associated with this type of crime can be life-changing.

If you or a loved one is facing drug trafficking charges, you probably have many questions like: What are the potential penalties? What can I do to fight drug trafficking charges?

Consequences if convicted

If prosecuting attorneys are successful in their fight and achieve a conviction in your case, you could spend anywhere from three years to life in prison. The court may also order you to pay a hefty fine. At the end of the day, the duration of your imprisonment and the amount of your fine will all depend on the type drug you are accused of carrying and the quantity allegedly found in your possession.

Controlled substances and prescription drugs

Drug trafficking laws apply to controlled substances, including illegally obtained prescription drugs. Examples of controlled substances that Ohio authorities usually see are marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines, among various others. When it comes to prescription drugs, sleep aids and pain killers — such as hydrocodone — tend to be big ticket items.

State and federal charges

If charged with drug trafficking, you will likely face both state and federal charges. As this is a felony level offense, if convicted, you could face harsher penalties than those who are violent offenders.

As is true with any criminal case, there are usually a number of defense strategies that can be utilized to help you fight your case in court. Your criminal defense attorney will be able to help you choose the proper legal course after reviewing your case.

Go with the experience of Soroka & Associates

You have a lot to lose if convicted on a drug trafficking charge. A conviction can affect both your home and professional life. It can ruin your chance at any sort of future for you and your family. Because there is so much on the line, who you have on your side is going to matter. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you seek the best possible outcome to your case.