Advice You Can Use From Attorneys You Can Count On

Advice You Can Use From Attorneys You Can Count On

Will Spousal Support Be Part Of Your Divorce?

Spousal support, often referred to as alimony, is an often litigated, and difficult to predict, area of family law. Courts are granted broad discretion in determining the amount of support and how long it should be paid, and an experienced attorney is critical to both assure you a fair result, and help you predict what a particular court may order.

One reason having the advice of an attorney is especially crucial when determining spousal support is because of how widely some courts vary in their decisions on the amount of spousal support that is fair or necessary. Your divorce attorney can provide insight on past orders of a particular court, and, if that court frequently orders high amounts, can help you to come to an agreement with your ex-spouse outside of court. This method removes the fear and uncertainty of what the court may order and allows the parties to proceed with an understanding of what spousal support they will receive or pay.

Determining Amounts And Duration

Courts look at a number of factors when determining spousal support, including the income of the parties, their earning ability, the length of the marriage, whether either party is cohabitating with someone else, any unusual health or medical expenses, the education of the parties, the tax consequences of the support order, and any other factor the court determines is relevant.

Support may be granted for a defined period of time, on a permanent basis, or the court may decide to make a support order, but retain jurisdiction to alter it should the court decide that an alteration is necessary or warranted. At times, the parties may also request that the court alter a past support order. This can occur when there is a change in circumstances, such as if one party begins cohabitating with a third party while they are still receiving spousal support payments, or if the parties agree to an alteration. Additionally, spousal support is terminated if the party receiving support is remarried.

Reach An Attorney

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