Common Myths About Divorce

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Protecting your best interests during the entire divorce process

When preparing to go through a divorce or legal separation, you likely have many, many concerns. You might be worried about who will get custody of the children, or who will get the house. You and your spouse may have differences of opinion about asset and debt division, as well as questions about spousal support and alimony. Our lawyers understand you want and need to work through your divorce feeling supported and confident throughout the process.

Here at Soroka & Associates, our Columbus attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of family law. We put both our professionalism and our compassion to work to help our clients with divorce, separation, and family-related issues. Our lawyers want to help you meet your goals, protect your children, and safeguard your best interests. We’re here to help – contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

What types of family law cases do you handle?

Our Columbus attorneys have witnessed firsthand how confusing and frustrating the legal system can be, particularly when your marriage, your assets, or your relationship with your children are at stake. We’re pleased to help clients with a variety of family law matters, including:

  • Divorce. We know the decision to end a marriage is a difficult one, with many choices to make along the way. We provide informed guidance and knowledgeable representation throughout the entire process, from divorce planning to post-divorce issues.
  • Child custody. From protecting your children’s best interests to working out a parenting plan, we can help ease your concerns about child custody and explain how the process works. We want to ensure the safety and security of your family.
  • Property division. Whether straightforward or complex, dividing assets can become sticking points in many divorces. Our attorneys can help negotiate mutually acceptable property division agreements while helping protect the assets most important to you.
  • Spousal support. Our legal team determines whether you are entitled to spousal support, or alimony, or whether you may be required to pay. We work to ensure alimony is determined and enforced fairly and properly.
  • Order modification and enforcement. In the event one person’s life circumstances change, you or your ex-spouse may need to modify your divorce order. For example, you may need to modify a parenting plan if one parent wants to relocate. Or, you may wish to enforce a family law order if one party is not abiding by the terms of the order – for example, failing to pay spousal support.

If you have any questions about your family law matter, just ask. Soroka & Associates has answers.

What are the different ways to end a marriage in Ohio?

You might be surprised to learn there are several ways to divorce or end your marriage here in Columbus and throughout Ohio. Our attorneys can explain these in more detail, but they include:

  • Contested divorce. This type of divorce is necessary when there is disagreement surrounding the circumstances of the divorce or if negotiations have stalled. With a contested divorce, spouses and their attorneys allow the court to make the ultimate decision on disputed issues.
  • Uncontested divorce. With an uncontested divorce, both spouses agree on all issues – child custody and support, spousal support, and property division. Only one spouse is required to appear in court to finalize the divorce agreement.
  • Dissolution. A dissolution is similar to an uncontested divorce, in that both spouses agree on all matters regarding the end of the marriage. Couples can file for dissolution after signing a separation agreement. However, both parties need to appear before a judge to finalize the agreement and dissolution.

Our attorneys can provide more guidance about the type of divorce that might benefit you most.

Is Ohio a community property state?

No. The theory of community property is no longer employed in the majority of states in the country. In fact, only 10 states still use the concept of community property – Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Ohio handles property division under the theory of “equitable distribution,” meaning assets are divided fairly and equitably, but not necessarily 50/50.

How long will my Columbus divorce take?

Although every family law case is different, in general, the more contentious your divorce, the longer it will take. However, if you and your partner are able to come to agreement on all issues and file for a dissolution of marriage, for example, you may be able to get divorced within 90 days.

A contested divorce can take longer. If you don’t have children, it could potentially take up to a year to finalize. With children, a divorce could take up to 18 months. Again, however, every case is different. The attorneys at Soroka & Associates can provide a more detailed timeline at a consultation.

Can the same attorney represent both me and my spouse?

No. Even if you and your soon-to-be ex are divorcing on amicable terms and agree on every issue, you can’t use the same Columbus attorney. It might seem convenient and certainly less expensive, but the reason law firms don’t do this is because of something called “conflict of interest.”

Because a divorce is a legal action, it involves two parties who technically oppose each other. As attorneys, we can’t ethically or equally represent two people involved in the same lawsuit – even if they agree on everything.

Do you have a family law attorney near me?

Soroka & Associates is located at 503 South Front Street, Suite 205 in Columbus. Our offices are located near a parking deck, and just blocks away from Rt. 23 and I-71.

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