Advice You Can Use From Attorneys You Can Count On

Advice You Can Use From Attorneys You Can Count On

Accused Of A Sex Crime?

Sex offenses in Ohio can have a serious and long-lasting impact on your personal and professional life. Along with the stigma attached to being charged with a sex crime, a conviction can result in mandatory, lengthy prison time and lifelong registration as a sex offender.

If you are charged with rape, gross sexual imposition, importuning or any sex crime in Ohio, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows Ohio sexual offense law. The Columbus attorneys at Soroka & Associates, LLC, know how to challenge witness statements and forensic evidence, get to the bottom of possible consent issues, inspect and challenge warrants, and present the best possible defense to these charges.

The attorneys of Soroka & Associates, LLC, are experienced sex crime defense attorneys, and have extensive experience defending a wide range of sexual crimes, including but not limited to:

When charged with a sex crime, time is truly of the essence. In the state of Ohio, sex crimes carry serious penalties, and in certain cases can lead to life sentences.

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