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Persuasive advocacy for burn accident victims in Ohio

Severe burn injuries are traumatic – twice. The first trauma is the initial burn injury. The second trauma is learning to live with the scars and disfigurement of burn injuries – especially if the burns are on the victims’ face or arms. For many victims, the psychological scars are as difficult to live with as the physical scars.

We understand how devastating burn injuries are. At Soroka & Associates, LLC, our Columbus personal injury lawyers work with burn centers, ER doctors, general surgeons, plastic surgeons, and other medical care providers to fully understand the severity of your injuries. We also work with the local fire departments and professionals who understand why all types of burn injuries happen and what steps should have been taken to prevent them. Our lawyers have a strong record of success fighting for personal injury victims throughout Central Ohio.

Did you know?

In 2021, 124 Ohioans died in residential fires.

What are the different types of burn injuries?

The main types of burn injuries, according to Stanford Health Care, are:

  • Thermal burns. These are burns caused by external heat sources such as fires, steam, scalding liquids, and hot metals. The burns occur when the skin temperature and tissue temperature rise – killing or charring the tissue.
  • Radiation burns. Exposure to ultraviolet rays – such as the sun and x-rays, can cause radiation burns.
  • Chemical burns. Dangerous chemicals such as detergents, solvents, strong acids, or alkalis that come into contact with the skin or with the eyes can be quite serious.
  • Electrical burns. Exposure to both alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) can cause electrical burns.

What are the treatments for burn injuries in Columbus?

The Mayo Clinic states that burn injury victims with serious burns require the following care:

  1. The initial treatment focuses on managing the pain, removing dead tissue, preventing infections, reducing the amount of scarring, and regaining function.
  2. Surgical and immediate care procedures include providing breathing assistance, a feeding tube for victims who need nutritional support, the easing of blood flow around the wound, and skin grafts. Plastic surgery may also be necessary to improve your appearance and increase joint flexibility around the scarred areas.
  3. The burn care team may prescribe medications for pain, infection, and anxiety. They may use IV fluids or ultrasound mist therapy, or apply various burn creams to help prevent infections and ready the wound for closure and dressing. You may also receive a tetanus shot.
  4. Many burn injury victims benefit from physical and occupational therapy that helps the joints stay flexible, improves muscle strength, and helps Columbus burn injury victims perform their regular daily activities.

What are the different degrees of burn injuries?

The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center categorizes burns by their severity:

  • First-degree burns. Only the outer skin layer is damaged. Sunburn is a common first-degree burn.
  • Second-degree burns. These burns damage the outer skin layer and the layer underneath.
  • Third-degree burns. These burns damage or destroy the deepest skin layer and the tissues underneath. Third-degree burns require medical care at either an emergency room or a burn center. Third-degree burns can affect muscle, bones, and other parts of the anatomy.

Burns can cause blisters, swelling, and scarring. In some cases, burns can cause shock and death. They must be examined and monitored for signs of infections. The Mayo Clinic states that accident victims generally need emergency care if they have the following symptoms or complications:

  • Burns that cover the hands, feet, face, groin, buttocks, a major joint, or a large area of the body
  • Deep burns, which means burns affecting all layers of the skin or even deeper tissues
  • Burns that cause the skin to look leathery
  • Burns that appear charred or have patches of black, brown or white
  • Burns caused by chemicals or electricity
  • Difficulty breathing or burns to the airway

It’s common for Columbus burn victims who have third-degree burns to require skin or synthetic grafts to “cover exposed tissue and encourage new skin to grow.” Generally, first and second-degree burns do not require grafts.

The Wexner Medical Center states that inhalation injuries, usually caused by breathing smoke are common. Frostbite which can cause tissue damage is also considered a type of burn injury.

Why do burn injuries happen in Columbus?

In most cases, burn injuries are preventable. The responsible defendants should be held accountable for changing your life, often permanently, and for any deaths that burn injuries cause.

At Soroka & Associates, our Columbus burn injury lawyers work aggressively to determine what type of accident/conditions caused your burn injuries and who should be held responsible. Burn injuries are often due to:

  • Vehicle accidents including car accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents.
  • Defective products such as space heaters, flammable clothing and products, defective power tools, and many other defective products.
  • Premises liability accidents due to the failure of a property owner to inspect his/her property or respond to dangerous conditions such as anything that might cause a fire.
  • Property owners and construction sites may be liable for faulty wiring, damaged outlets, and improper work around electrical sources such as power tools and power lines.
  • Restaurants, hotels, fast-food stores, and other retail stores may be liable for serving hot liquids, the improper use of grills, stoves, and other appliances.
  • Hospitals and medical practices may be liable for the improper use of digital imaging equipment.

Our lawyers work with investigators, fire officials, building code officers, product safety professionals, and others to show that your burn injuries were due to negligence or a product defect.

How much time do I have to file a burn injury claim?

The statute of limitations for a personal injury claim in Ohio is two years. If you do not file your claim within that two-year period, your claim can be denied no matter how strong your case is. There are always exceptions, however, so it is best to contact us immediately after any type of burn accident. We need to investigate the cause of the accident before any repairs are made and before any else is hurt. Our lawyers need to work with your medical team to understand how severe your injuries are. We may, for example, negotiate with your doctors to defer any demand for payment of their bills until your case is resolved.

Do you have a burn injury lawyer near me?

Our office is conveniently located at 503 South Front Street, Suite 205 in Columbus, near Rt. 23 and I-71. We make home and hospital visits for clients who are too ill or injured to travel to us.

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At Soroka & Associates, we understand the physical and emotional trauma of burn injuries. Every time you move the part of the anatomy that was burned, it hurts. Every time you see the burn, you become anxious. Our personal injury lawyers are seasoned trial lawyers. We skillfully prepare your case and demand damages for your economic and human losses – including medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering.

To discuss your right to hold the wrongdoers accountable, please call 614-358-6525 or fill out our contact form to get started. Our initial consultations are always free. We represent burn injury victims and families in Columbus and throughout Central Ohio.

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