Columbus truck accident lawyer

Columbus Truck Accident Lawyers

Tough representation for Ohio victims of commercial truck accidents

Commercial trucks are dangerous trucks. They’re longer, wider, taller, and heavier than cars. This means when trucks collide with a car or motorcycle, the occupants of the smaller vehicles are likely to suffer life-changing – even life-ending – injuries. The dangers of truck driving are so well known that commercial vehicles are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

At Soroka & Associates, our Columbus truck accident attorneys understand the unique challenges involved with these claims, such as issues of liability and what rules and industry standards apply to truck drivers. Our reputation for handling these complex claims has led to other firms referring truck accident cases to us. We have helped many people recover just compensation after suffering injuries or the loss of loved ones due to accidents. Call today to learn if we can help you, too.

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  • Why are truck accidents so dangerous?
  • Why do truck accidents occur in Columbus?
  • What type of truck accidents does your firm handle?
  • What regulations govern truck driving?
  • Who is liable for a Columbus truck accident?
  • What types of injuries do Columbus truck accident victims suffer?
  • How much is my truck accident claim worth?
  • What is the deadline for filing a truck accident claim in Ohio?
  • Do you have a truck accident lawyer near me?
Columbus Truck Accident Lawyers

Why are truck accidents so dangerous?

Driving a truck is much different than driving a car. The lack of windows combined with a truck’s length and width creates numerous blind spots. The long hours spent alone on the road, combined with pressure from companies that want deliveries made fast, may make it more difficult for truckers to stay awake and aware behind the wheel.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) states that most fatal truck accident victims are vehicle passengers. More than 4,100 people nationwide died in truck accidents in 2019. Two-thirds of those who died were car occupants. Another 15% were motorcyclists, pedestrians, or bicycle riders. Only 16% of the fatal accident victims were truck occupants.

Why do truck accidents occur in Columbus?

One of the primary causes of truck accidents is negligence. Negligence can manifest in a variety of ways. For instance, to meet strict deadlines, trucking companies often overschedule their drivers. This can lead to drowsy drivers being more likely to be involved in accidents.

Other causes of truck accidents in Columbus include:

  • Driver error. This includes speeding, tailgating, improper passing, improper merging, being in the wrong lane, and other traffic violations.
  • Driver distraction. This includes texting, talking on a smartphone, using the Internet, eating, drinking, adjusting the radio, and looking at a GPS system.
  • Driver intoxication. The blood alcohol content (BAC) level for commercial drivers is just .04. For car drivers, the BAC is .08.
  • Loose or unsafe cargo. Cargo should be properly secured. There are limits on how much cargo trucks can carry. Cargo that shifts while the truck is in motion can cause the truck driver to lose control of the vehicle.
  • Defective truck parts. Faulty parts include defective hydraulic systems, electrical systems, brakes, tires, fuel lines, and steering systems.
  • Improper maintenance and inspection of the truck. Trucking companies and drivers need to regular check that their truck is in good condition.
  • Other acts of negligence that may have caused your truck accident.

Our Columbus truck accident lawyers work with investigators and others to determine the cause of the accident and who should be held responsible. For example, if a road defect was the proximate cause of the crash or collision, other entities may be liable.

What type of truck accidents does your firm handle?

At Soroka & Associates, our Columbus trucking accident lawyers represent victims who are injured and the families of loved ones who are killed due to:

  • Truck rollover accidents
  • Jackknife accidents
  • Blind-spot accidents
  • Spilled cargo or cargo that shifts
  • Wide-turn accidents
  • Intersection accidents
  • Work zone accidents
  • Head-on crashes
  • T-bone crashes
  • Rear-end crashes
  • Sideswipe accidents
  • Single-truck accidents
  • Multi-vehicle collisions
  • Construction site accidents

What federal and state regulations govern truck driving?

There are federal and Ohio regulations that govern the driving of tractor-trailers, semis, flatbed trucks, box trucks, and other commercial vehicles.

The FMCSA regulates the hours of service of drivers. These rules limit how many hours drivers can drive continuously before they must rest and how many hours they can drive over a 60/70 week. The FMCSA also requires that trucking companies and truck drivers keep logs of their hours and records of required inspections and maintenance examinations. There are also federal truck underride requirements that must meet specific criteria.

The Occupational Health & Safety Administration regulates the proper loading of trucks and imposes other truck safety requirements.

Ohio requires that drivers of commercial trucks have a special commercial driver’s license. The State’s motor vehicle laws regulate the operation of the vehicle. There are other Ohio truck regulations that our Columbus truck accident lawyers are ready to explain and assert on your behalf.

Who is liable for a Columbus truck accident?

One of the reasons truck accidents are so complex is because there are often multiple liable parties. Depending on the exact nature of the collision, the following people and entities could be held liable:

  • The truck driver him or herself
  • The trucking company which employs the driver
  • The owner of the truck (if different from the driver or truck company)
  • The broker that arranged the shipment
  • The owner/shipper of the cargo
  • The company that requested the shipment
  • Third-party vendors
  • Government entities (if road design played a role in the incident)

In some cases, a manufacturer may be liable. For example, if the brakes fail on a dump truck or an 18-wheeler sheds its tires because of tread separation, and these events were the result of a defective part, you could have a product liability claim.

What types of injuries do Columbus truck accident victims suffer?

Our Columbus commercial truck accident lawyers represent victims who have any type of catastrophic or serious injury including:

  • Traumatic amputation/loss of limb
  • Traumatic brain injuries, head trauma, and concussions
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Disfiguring burn injuries
  • Broken bones including multiple, complex, and compound fractures
  • Internal bleeding and damage to kidneys, lungs, and other internal hearings
  • Vision and hearing loss
  • Permanent scarring and disfiguring
  • Injuries that cause the loss of function of any body part

Truck accident victims often require immediate surgery. Many victims require long-term rehabilitative therapy including treatment by physical therapists, occupational therapists, vocational therapists, rehabilitation nurses, and psychologists.

If a family member died in a Columbus trucking accident, we file wrongful death claims on behalf of the family.

How much is my truck accident claim worth?

Each case is different. At Soroka & Associates, our seasoned trial lawyers build your claim a step at a time. We work with your doctors, employers, and others to show all the economic damages you have sustained and the financial burdens you can expect in the future. We work with you, your medical team, and your family to show all your human personal damages.

All Columbus personal injury victims have the right to seek compensation for all their current and future losses and needs including:

  • Medical bills, including costs for the ambulance, ER, hospital, doctor visits, rehabilitation, assistive devices, and medications
  • Lost income, including wages, business income, and benefits
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering
  • Property damage, such as the damage to your vehicle
  • Loss of consortium

We also demand compensation for permanent scarring and disfigurement, loss of function, enjoyment of life, and inability to care for yourself.

Wrongful death damages in Ohio include the funeral and burial costs, the financial support your loved one would have provided family members, loss of services, loss of companionship, the mental anguish of the surviving family members, and other damages.

What is the deadline for filing a truck accident claim in Ohio?

Ohio gives victims two years to file personal injury claims (with some exceptions), but the safest course of action is to contact us as soon as possible after the accident.

Do not wait. Contact us immediately. We need to examine electronic logs and phone data. Our investigators need to examine the accident site. Our Columbus trial lawyers need to question witnesses while their memories are fresh.

Do you have a truck accident lawyer near me?

The Columbus office of Soroka & Associates is located at 503 South Front Street, Suite 205. Our office is conveniently located near Rt. 23 and I-71. We make home and hospital visits for clients who are too injured to travel.

Talk with a seasoned Columbus truck accident attorney now

Soroka & Associates represents victims of any truck accident that occur in and around Columbus and Central Ohio, including in Licking County, Delaware County, Fairfield County, and beyond. We will clearly explain your rights, prepare your case for trial, and negotiate with the insurance companies. Please call 614-683-2746 or fill out our contact form to get started. Our initial consultations are always free.

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