Advice You Can Use From Attorneys You Can Count On

Advice You Can Use From Attorneys You Can Count On

Child Custody In Your Children’s Interests, For Your Parental Rights

Cases involving child custody or parenting time are often among the most complex and contentious issues in family law. This is why it is absolutely essential that you have dedicated and experienced legal counsel to aggressively pursue your rights and interests, and those of your children.

Soroka & Associates, LLC, provides full-service family law representation. Our lawyers are ready to be your compassionate and tough advocates, whether you are divorcing or separating from the other parent.

Factors A Family Law Judge May Consider

Courts in Ohio resolve child custody issues through the best interest of the child test. There is no strict guide by which to predict exactly how a court will decide a case. However, there are specific factors that are typically included on a case-by-case basis in the court’s determination of parenting time. Key factors include:

  1. The child’s relationship with each parent
  2. The suitability of each parent as a custodian
  3. The emotional and developmental needs of the child
  4. Any history of abuse or domestic violence
  5. The ability of the parents to communicate and work together
  6. Any past failure to pay a support agreement
  7. Custodial agreements between the parents
  8. The wishes of the child (if they are deemed mature enough to express them to the court)

About The Process Of Determining Custody

To help make all of these decisions, the court will often hear testimony from numerous experts and other witnesses. Further, a guardian ad litem will frequently be appointed to represent the interests of the child. After hearing all of the evidence, the court will set a parenting time schedule, which specifies which parent will be in charge of making decisions such as school placement and extracurricular activities, when each parent will have parenting time with the child, and what, if any, child support is appropriate.

An alternative option is to allow the court to set all the terms by which the parents will have to abide is for either parent to request shared parenting, commonly referred to as joint custody. If a parent makes this request, the court will consider additional factors, such as the distance between the parents, the impact of frequent travel on the child, where the child should attend school, and each parent’s willingness to work together with the other to reschedule normal parenting or holiday time if necessary.

Get Answers And Guidance

Regardless of how you choose to proceed with your custody dispute, it is crucial that you have experienced counsel to help you navigate this extremely difficult process. The attorneys at Soroka & Associates, LLC, bring compassion and skill to the task. We have the experience necessary to aggressively defend your interests, and help you protect your parent-child relationships.

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