Advice You Can Use From Attorneys You Can Count On

Advice You Can Use From Attorneys You Can Count On


The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO Act) and state racketeering laws were enacted to target organized crime. These laws allow for the prosecution of an individual or group that commits two criminal acts associated with racketeering activity within a 10-year period.

At Soroka & Associates, LLC, in Columbus, Ohio, we represent individuals and enterprises accused of racketeering and other organized crime-related activity in state and federal courts. With years of experience trying and winning complex criminal matters, our lawyers know how to protect your rights in the face of racketeering charges.

Being Investigated? Don’t Take Chances. Take Control Of Your Case.

All criminal defense matters require swift action, but taking steps to protect your rights is of the utmost importance in cases involving racketeering or conspiracy. If the other defendants speak with law enforcement first, you may be forced to respond to their account of what happened. While they receive a favorable deal, you are forced to do damage control and mount your defense from an undesirable position.

Investigators and prosecutors may spend months or even years building the case against you. To level the playing field and begin protecting your interests, contact an experienced white collar criminal defense lawyer — like the attorneys of Soroka & Associates, LLC.

If you think you are being investigated for racketeering or another white collar crime, do not wait to contact an attorney. Any delay can seriously affect your case and your ability to present a strong defense. Call 614-358-6525 to arrange a free initial consultation with one of our partners.